3 Main Requirement To Become Our Agent

The ultimate business opportunity we offer exclusively for a business partner like you! If you are a business consultant, graphic designer, website designer or product packaging designer, you are more than welcome to join us as an agent here at EAN LABEL!

3 main requirements to become our agent: 

  • Possess your own customer database 
  • Able to provide artworks / designs of the printing materials 
  • Able to make orders from our official website


Possess your own customer database

Most of the agents have their own networking groups and customers database, we are here to bring you the collaboration with your vast network. By delivering your understanding on the customers’ needs with sufficient information, send it to us with complete details and we will do the rest! 

Able to provide artworks / designs of the printing materials 

By gathering all of the requirements from customers, which are their preferences on paper material, number of color printing, finishing, coating and etc, then submit them to us. You also need to provide a file with a completed Bleed zone, Trimming Zone and Safe Zone. For more information about the needed artwork specification please click here


Able to make orders from our official website 

Make your orders on our official website www.eanprinting.my . If you are a registered agent with an agent account, we will not liaise with any artwork checking or artwork adjustment, you are required to follow our artwork specification before you submit to our web portal. 


What are the benefits of joining and becoming an agent with us? Click here to review now!